The Blues Blowers

The scuffed parquet floor is covered with chairs and tables while management "works on" getting their entertainment license back...liquor and dancing don't mix in L.A. anymore...don't even think about to play...bring your own crowd, and they better drink plenty....designated drivers...serial bar stalkers take a pass..."Silly Lady" went back on home...Sunset agents who act like God...head meets brick wall...what now ?? what ??...rediscovering mopping the floors in the back of a dry cleaners for minimum wage..WE ALL HAVE THE BLUES ...WE JUST SOMETIMES DON'T KNOW IT ANYMORE...ah..the Blues....

The Blues Blowers are an exceptional group of four veterans. The band's materal consists of blues originals as well as covers ranging from classics by Muddy Waters and Paul Butterfield to more contemporary blues artists. The band has received critical acclaim in established Los Angeles blues venues....

Ladies and Gentleman meet the band..

James "Thunder" Rhodes...vocals and bass

"Lonesome Bob"...vocals and harmonica

Mike Rains...vocals and lead and slide guitar

Steve Chamberlain...vocals and drums (remember Warrant??)

All veterans...the playing is precise and well defined with an exceptional sense of harmonic style...all are excellent vocalists.

The name of the recording is "Supercharged Blues" and it contains.. Somebody Else + Why Cry + Silly Lady + Precious + Swimmin' Dirty Water + Man To Man + Nail My Coffin + Jones Town + Out of Sight Out Of Mind + Bedroom Eyes

CD's cost $12.95.....cassettes cost $9.95...T-shirts with pocket cost $15.95...T-shirts no pocket cost $13.95....add $3.05 s/h...U.S. funds...(all shirts have the Blowers logo)..

for information about licensing availability, using the "Blues Blowers" as a back-up band, all booking availability and booked dates, as well as for ordering and all other inquiries contact...

The Blues Blowers
302 N. Fairview st.
Burbank, Ca. 91505
fax 818-556-6878

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