Archie Powell

Born in Waco, Texas...raised in Bakersfield can understand why Archie Powell knows Country Music..he lives it !!...and when you see him play live with his backup band, "Badwater", you know that he lives comes from the heart...and you can't fake that.

Archie's material consists of Country and Country-Rock originals and roadhouse covers (jail tunes, truck-drivin' tunes, train tunes, etc..)..I have personally seen him pack the "Palomino" at least three times and he has played the "tonk" circuit for years.

Archie has been involved with the CCMA's (California Country Music Association) local L.A. chapter and was nominated twice for the "Male Entertainer of the Year" award. He also hosted the CCMA sponsered "Open-Mic" for singers and songwriters for 3 1/2 years.

The name of Archies new recording is "In My Mind"...and features...Give Me A Rainbow + In My Mind + Old Screen Doors + Gonna Take Two + My Love for Papa

Cassettes run $8.95 each (add $3.05 freight)

For licensing availability, ordering cassettes, booking availability and all other inquiries contact...

Archie Powell
c/o Ducks Deluxe
P.O.Box 7601
Mission Hills, Ca. 91346 U.S.A

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