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Telephone #:_______________Fax #:________________
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How did you find out about us ?:_____________________________________

Do you want.. direct response to you, response thru Ducks Deluxe only, both(circle one)

e mail address:_____________________ URL: _________________________

Your favorite colors for background/type:_______________________________
Any graphic/typestyle themes: (rustic, gothic, musical, newsprint, etc.)

Name of your recording: ___________________________________________
What type of music is it:____________________________________________
List the titles of the songs in order: ____________________________________
Which part of which song(s) do you want your sound byte(s) from: (up to two minutes long total time..up to two songs)________________________________________
Check what merchandise you have for sale and at what price..
CD's at $_______
Cassettes at $________
T-Shirts at $_______
$_____ at $_______
$_____ at $________
Any Accesssories?

Duck's Deluxe assumes that you have taken all proprietary and necessary precautions to protect your property and that you also have permission and have worked out all details on any and all songs that you are covering that are not your property and that Ducks Deluxe is not responsible for either of the aforementioned issues and that by signing this agreement/request for services that you confirm and agree that you have the authority to enter into this contract and that all the above information is true and correct.

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