Dr. Duck's Cyberspace Showcase Services

Who is this offer for ?
Artists, bands, writers, agents, managers and anyone who is serious about their music and/or music related services, looking for mass media exposure

How much does it cost ??
For starters $295.00 introductory offer (U.S.funds)..which includes the one time $245.00 set up fee and three months of exposure on the World Wide Web..after the first three months your cost is $20.00 per month - or $50.00 for three months from then on. Once you are a subscriber...Dr.Duck will give you a free month on the Internet for each new subscriber that you bring to Ducks Deluxe..our way of saying thanks for helping us grow..

What do I get ?
A web page on the Internet which will include any combination of your picture, your bio, your logo , a sound byte from your cassette, c.d. or d.a.t. as well as other things that you might want to market (T-shirts, baseball caps, coffee mugs, etc.) with your name, address, phone #, fax # and any other information that will make it easy for people to get in touch with you

What if I already have a Web site ??

Then we won't need the set-up fee..however if you like our ideas and sound quality better than what you already have..we'll talk..otherwise...$20.00 per month - or - $50.00 for three months

Do you also do private domains ?

Yes..contact us for pricing and a discussion on what you have in mind

What types of music are you looking for ?

ALL types..folk, blues, roots, world, bluegrass, country, reggae,, rock, metal, grunge, pop, rap, gospel, Spanish, Cajun-Zydeco, R&B, rockabilly,jazz, classical, flamenco,big band, etc...

Where will my page be found ?
Off the Ducks Deluxe home page http://www.ducksdeluxe.com we will mail you your exact location (URL) once you have been posted.

Do I need to have a computer ?
No, you will still be on the Internet with or without your own computer.

How will Cyberspace Showcase Services be promoted ?

Ducks Deluxe is already posted on all major search engines (Excite, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Infoseek, etc.).We also have many links from other web sites coming into Ducks Deluxe; we will also post your U.R.L. (Universal Resource Locator) in a number of other web sites pertaining to artist's, band's etc. We will employ a combination of advertising, press releases, e-mail and direct mail to potential buyers of your music including but not limited to ..end users,record labels, distributors, publishers, producers, agencies, talent buyers, venues, radio, T.V. and film producers, buyers of c.d.'s & cassettes, etc...

How do potential customers / A&R people / and interested parties contact me ??
Directly to you, or through Ducks Deluxe only, or both..please specify your choice on the form...if you choose both, you also get the advantage of e-mail into Ducks Deluxe and we will fax or mail you all correspondance.

Why should I do this, who might be interested and what's in it for me and my music ??
Its the EXPOSURE !!...the numbers are staggering..currently estimated at 35 to 40 MILLION people on the World Wide Web and growing...all over the world..where else are you going to get that kind of exposure for this kind of money???..Dr.Duck will even give you a free month for every new subscriber that you bring to us ..PLUS check with your accountant about writing off the entire cost of your web site as advertising expences.

What do I need to send Ducks Deluxe to get started ??

Fill out the form and send it along with any combination of the following..a picture, a logo, a bio, a pitch sheet, your recording...CD's or DAT's seem to copy better than cassettes for sound quality but we can enhance cassettes with great results...write your name on the back of the photo, logo, etc.. and include $295.00 in U.S.funds... check or money order drawn on a U.S. bank...your first three months start the day that we post you on the web...Congratulations !!

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