The Acoustics

Bright, Clear - Easy Bends and Harmonics...
Great Sustain and Articulation
Balanced, Smooth - Excellent Sustain, Clarity and Definition
010-014-023-030-037-047 012-016-024-032-042-053

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Balanced, Clear - Great for Bends and Harmonics
Excellent Sustain and Clarity

Warm, Rich, Full -
A Whole Lot of Sound That Lasts...

Full Bodied - Fabulous Coloration
013-017-026-035-045-056 010-014-023-030-039-047

*Balanced Ranges compliment the natural tone of your guitar...
*Remain consistent in tuning during bends, harmonics or alternate tunings...
*Wrapped tighter - longer lasting - less breakage - hold tone longer - less finger fatigue...
*Phosphor bronze *100% Guaranteed *US Made *Dealers Welcome...

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Dealers email or contact us for dealer price breaks

Guitar String Quantity - Any Combination Of Sets

$8.00 per set for “6-String” sets .. minimum order 6 sets
$11.50 per set for “12-String” sets .. minimum order 6 sets

Thank You For Your Order

Print out PDF Order Form and fax or mail it in

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