~ Dr.Ducks Guitar/Bass Polishing Cloth Kit and 2 Pc. String Winder Set ~

Just $7.95 each !!

(yea right Duck ... like I'm gonna pay $7.95 for a guitar polishing cloth .. how's your headache ??!!..)

The care taken for a fine musical instruments finish will always reward its owner with years of aesthetic beauty as well as insure its ever-increasing value as an investment. Ducks Deluxe has built its reputation on creating the finest musical instrument polish in the world ... "Dr.Ducks Ax Wax" .... these polishing cloths carry on that tradition ...

*Each polishing cloth is hand made from 100% untreated double napped cotton flannel ... no polyesters or blends of any kind ... these polishing cloths cannot scratch your finish..

*You also get 5 re-usable all cotton applicator patches for applying Dr.Ducks Ax Wax, also in their own re-sealable zip lock bag

*Even though we mention "Guitar/Bass" ...these are for all musical instruments as well..

*They measure 10.5" x 14"

*You get the 2pc.String Winder Set !! - each Dr.Ducks Guitar/Bass Polishing Cloth Kit comes with both a Ducks Deluxe Hand Crank String Winder and a Ducks Deluxe Power String Winder

* Yellow in color with the Dr.Ducks Ax Wax logo printed on each one...

*All of it packed in a re-sealable 4" x 6.5" zip lock bag so you can carry them in your instrument case.

100% Guarantee ... If after you receive your "Dr.Ducks Guitar/Bass Polishing Cloth Kit and 2 Pc. String Winder Set" ...and don't think its everything I just said it was... send it all back and I'll send you back your $7.95 !!!! ... This offer is That Good !!

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