~The Ducky Awards~

Welcome to the "Ducky Award" world headquarters... these very prestigious honors are reserved for the guitar and music industries only and are awarded for guitar and music web site excellence.

As often as we can, the Ducks Deluxe Award Committee will review all submitted web sites and pass out the awards.

There are three levels of "Duckys" .. Silver, Gold and Platinum .. winners of the Gold Ducky may display either/or both of the Silver and/or the Golden Duckys .. winners of the Platinum Duckys may display any/or all three of the Duckys.

Once you start displaying your award(s) on your web site, let us know, and your site will then be linked in "The Ducky Web Site Award Hall Of Fame".

To request a review of your site to win a "Ducky", all you have to do is first make sure you qualify for any Ducky Award (see below)... then e-mail us your name, the name of your site , the exact URL of the home page, which of the Duckys you are going for, along with your e-mail address.

The main thing is that your site has to be music related and Dr.Duck, himself, has to like it. There are no guarantees, but if you follow the qualification requirements, you should qualify for at least one "Ducky".... GOOD LUCK !!

Note: Some of the qualification requirements may not be necessary depending on the subject matter and the overall appearance of the web site being considered.

To qualify for the "The Best in the World ! - Screaming Silver Ducky Award For Music Related Web Site Excellence" your site MUST BE...

1)- Music Related..Any Style, Any Instrument or Any Part of the Music Industry .. (guitar shops, musicians, recording, publishing, bands, composers, artist, music stores, song writing, tab sites, music teachers, organizations, lessons, record companies, music services, agents, managers, record shops, p.r. companies, movie soundtrack composers, D.J.'s, etc.)

2)- Your seven year old twin sisters can look at your site, and not get into trouble for looking at it .. (No X,XX or XXX rated stuff)

3)- Must be readable in English (or have an English translation link)

4)- Must be "Ready For Prime-Time" ..(no broken links, construction signs, misspelled words, file not founds, etc...)

5)- You must have a working e-mail link to your site so people can contact you from your web site.

6)- You agree to link your "Ducky Award" back to this page, so that visitors to your site may also apply for the coveted "Ducky Awards" too....

7)- No abusive language aimed at the visitor or anyone else ..

(e-mail us your name, the name of your site , and the exact URL of the home page)

To qualify for the "Best in the World !! - Monumental Golden Ducky Award For Music Related Web Site Excellence" .. your site must first qualify for the "Silver Ducky" and also ...

1)- Load quickly .. (or have a quick-load option)

2)- Your web site must give something back to the inter net .. (links, information, lessons, tab, sheet music, jokes, free software, exchange banners, games, trivia, ...etc....)

3)- Must not have too much blinking, flashing, beeping, annoying, scrolling, hard to read, time consuming, excessive graphics , etc...

4)- Your Menus must be good ...(must be easy to navigate and tell what is being offered and where to find it).

5)- No excessive animated gifs that crash my browser

6)- Needs to be noticeably superior to a "Silver Ducky Award" winning web site.

(e-mail us your name, the name of your site , and the exact URL of the home page)

To qualify for the "Best in the World !!! - Exalted Platinum Ducky Award For Music Related Web Site Excellence".. your site must first qualify for both the "Silver Ducky" and the "Golden Ducky" awards and also ...

1)- If you have more than one frame .. you need a "No frames" option available at the "Platinum Ducky Award " level

2)- You have to be able to access it without JAVA

3)-You must be able to load the entire page with a browser as primitive as Netscape 2.0 so that the majority of web surfers world wide can enjoy your site too, even if they have older equipment...

4)- Sites with excessive plug ins will not qualify for the "Platinum Ducky Award" ( five minutes downloading new plug ins just to see the page = NO WAY !!)

5)- The overall site must be pleasing to look at

6)- Your site must have a "Links Page Jump Sheet" to other sites of similar interest...

7)- Links with frames with no way out of your site will be disqualified from the "Platinum Ducky Award" level

8)- Your site should be original or fun or cutting edge or all of the above and make the viewer forget that they are looking at a web page ...

9)- At the "Platinum Ducky Award" level, it will definitely help if your site is "Guitar" related, although its not necessarily mandatory... as some "Non-Guitar" related web sites will also be awarded the "Platinum Ducky"...

10)- Must say something with clear and concise information and have more than just links ..

11)- No horizontal scrolling is allowed at the "Platinum Ducky Award" level..

12)- Needs to be noticeably superior to a "Silver Ducky Award" and a "Golden Ducky Award" winning web site

(e-mail us your name, the name of your site , and the exact URL of the home page)

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