~The Ducky Web Site Award Hall of Fame~

The following web sites have all been awarded at least one Ducky Award for music related web site excellence....

2000 Great Guitar Sites
A & D Music
Andys Guitars
Ballew's Music
Bass Lab
Bear Meadow Folk Instruments

Blue Star Music
Cripple Creek Dulcimers
David Pearcys' Tribute to Jimi Hendrix
Jefferson Denim Singer/Songwriter
Dilana Clan Rocks

Jane Ellen Music

E Z Folk
Eva Fampas Classical Guitarist
Fem Music
Fret Not Guitar Repair
Frozen Rain

Gary's Guitars
Gear Musician

Guitar Base
Guitar Emergency

Guitar Guide
Guitar Musician
Guitar Player World

House of Musical Traditions
Jazzy Joe

Jeremy Cohen Violin Jazz
Kangaroo Amp Covers
Lava Cable
Let It Rock - DME Music Site
Lil' Hanks Songwriters Site
Lincoln District Scout Band

Lisa Miller - Trailer Park Honey
Mollberg Music Media
Mountain Music
Musical Instrument Makers Forum
Musician's Cyber Cooler
Music Madness

Music Treasures
Ron Peters - Jazz Guitar
Rock n Roll Ranch Recording Studios
Savage Attitude
Silent Studios
Dan Sindel Guitarist

Sound Bytes
Southpark Eagles Marching Band

Terrapin Custom Pick Guards
Texas Jake

The Art of Middle Eastern Dance
The Epic of Gilgamesh

The Guitar School - Iceland
The Pieter Holland Band
The Swedish Westcoast Music Site

Thomas Jefferson High School Band
Universal Total Guitar Plus Center
Aldo Vaccaro Guitarist

The Joey Vellucci Trio
Vintage Guitar Magazine

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