~Advanced Directions For Using Dr.Ducks Ax Wax Properly~

(To start out using Dr.Ducks Ax Wax & String Lube properly, keep in mind that it's VERY CONCENTRATED ... a little goes a long way ... and like a recording studio gig ... less is more with Dr.Ducks Ax Wax & String Lube... if you try and "gob" it on ... you will not like it ... if you follow the directions below ..you'll love it !!... for spreading the polish on the instrument and for a buffing rag, ALWAYS USE A "Dr.Ducks Polishing Cloth Kit" or a 100% COTTON CLOTH... the synthetics will all scratch your finish !!...so with this in mind ...)

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-(((Using as a cleaning, moisturizing, polishing, fretboard and bridge conditioner)))-

1)- Put two/three drops of Dr.Ducks Ax Wax & String Lube on an applicator patch

2)- Using the wet patch, spread the drop as far as you can, starting with the back of the instrument

3)- Let it set two minutes

4)- Using the Dr.Ducks Polishing Cloth .. buff it out for full luster ... (if it feels a little "greasy"... you're not done buffing)

5)- Now start on another part of the instrument and repeat steps 2, 3 and 4.

6)- Now you know how to properly use Dr.Ducks Ax Wax & String Lube... so in the same manner described above ... do the entire instrument .. the headstock, finger board, front, sides, back, pick guard, pick-up covers, tuning keys, all of it ... for a complete Dr.Ducks musical instrument detail.

(For "Caked-On" sweat spots, lick your finger and remove ... For hard to clean spots... repeat the process, rubbing in a circular motion ... for really hard to clean spots ... try 50% rubbing alcohol and 50% water to clean it ...then re-apply Dr.Ducks Ax Wax & String Lube to polish and moisturize the instrument.. you should check with a professional about the type of finish on your instrument before trying the alcohol/water trick to make sure that it won't hurt the finish)

- Unsurpassed on fretboards - using Dr.Ducks Ax Wax & String Lube - treat the entire fretboard/fingerboard - clean around frets with a tooth brush and buff it out with an all cotton polishing cloth.

-(((Used by Martin, Santa Cruz, Fender, Guild, Gretsch, Jackson, Charvel, Moonstone ... more ... see below for complete list)))-

Click Here For List of Builders that use Dr.Ducks Ax Wax & String Lube

-(((Using as a string lube/string life extender)))-

- When you first put on a fresh set of strings treat them with Dr.Ducks Ax Wax & String Lube to increase string life - we've been hearing that they will last almost as long as the treated strings - but retain the natural tonal qualities of untreated strings.

- When strings start to go dead - treat with Dr.Ducks Ax Wax & String Lube.

- When suffering string squeak everytime you move your fingers over the fretboard - treat your strings with Dr.Ducks Ax Wax & String Lube.

- How to treat your strings = on with an applicator patch ... then wipe off excess with the polishing cloth.

-((( Directions for String Drag Friction )))-

- Lube with a small cloth or Q-Tip all contact points for each string

(Dr.Ducks Ax Wax & String Lube also makes an excellent lube for tuning machine knobs and posts, as well as for bridge saddles and fine tuners on locking tremelo systems ... a drop in the right spots .. removing the excess can do wonders ...)

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